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Be worry free with FPG Insurance Dwelling House Fire & Theft insurance. Safe in the knowledge that your home is fully covered from any unforeseen accidents.

The FPG Insurance Dwelling House Fire & Theft policy protects your home and its contents from any unforeseen loss or damage. It also offers protection for home improvements and renovation work.

FPG Insurance have specially designed two home insurance products that offer you flexible and comprehensive protection. With our Dwelling House Fire & Theft Insurance, you can rest assured that you have got the best protection and cover for your home, its contents as well as improvements.


FPG Insurance Home Cover Products

Dwelling House Fire & Theft Insurance

Policy guarantees loss or damage to the house and house contents insured that is directly caused by fire, a direct effect of lightning, explosion, plane crash or smoke at the insured property.

This policy also guarantees loss or damage to the house contents directly caused by theft, robbery, vandalism or coercion acts when entering or exiting the building.

For more information on our Home Insurance products, you may contact the Home Insurance team team at

Alternatively, you can call the FPG Insurance Team at (62) 2150821555


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