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FPG Insurance Money policies provide the protection your business needs, against loss as a result of business disruption through theft.

FPG Money Insurance products are designed to protect your business against theft, loss of money or securities whilst at your business premises or during transit.

Providing your business with protection against financial loss due to fraud or dishonesty committed by employees.

Helping to manage your business risks comprehensively, with one of the wide range of FPG Insurance Money products.


FPG Insurance Money Products


An FPG Insurance Money Policy protects you against:

  • Loss of money in safe-deposit box / strongbox / locked drawer
  • Loss of money whilst being carried from one location to another within Indonesia.

For more information on our Money Insurance products, you may contact the Money Insurance team at

Alternatively, you can call the FPG  Insurance Team at (62) 2150821555


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