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FPG Insurance Terrorism & Sabotage products have been specifically designed to cover the sabotage, terrorism, munity, rebellion and insurrection risks that companies may encounter.

Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance covers risks faced by multinational companies operating in countries where these risks may be excluded from standard insurance policies.

Coverage for strike, riot and civil commotion can also be included by endorsement.


FPG Insurance Terrorism & Sabotage Products


FPG Insurance offers cover not only for loss or damage to your property, but also business loss due to interruption as a result of terrorism or sabotage. Projects in the course of construction can also be insured.

For more information on our Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance products, you may contact the Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance team at t&

Alternatively, you can call the FPG  Insurance Team at (62) 2150821555


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